My new 2017 hobby – Basketball

Recently as a new year’s resolution I decided to take some new activity – I chose basketball as my new hobby as it will help me to stay fit and of course I want to have fun with my friends as most of them play this game.

As far as I know this game can be played 3×3 or 5×5, and as my friends invited me to join them during Sunday meetups I decided to learn more about this game and of course work individually so I would not look like a total newbie.

First thing I needed was a basketball and thanks to Ron from who helped me to pick best indoor basketball I could practice with and gain some skills I need, his reviews and insights helped me to choose a nice ball. So, the first thing I ordered a ball as this is the most important piece of stuff I needed. Second I got nice Nike shoes and of course shorts and sweat shirt. So now I’m almost set to go on court and start practicing on dribble and shots.

Next thing was to find some good workout programs and I found a few, I decided that I will work out couple times a week and will keep my schedule. As these workouts are asking that people who decided to take the course should strictly follow it. I will start working on legs first, actually I already started doing that as this was a simple workout: all I needed was a chair and the subject of this is that I need to sit and stand up like 20 times. Well at first it was funny but later on I started to feel pain in leg muscles and that was surprising. I have never thought that sitting and getting up be that hard.

If you guys are playing basketball, please contact me with tips of what can I improve fast as I want to get in shape as soon as possible. First meeting with my basketball friends will be after few weeks and since that time I want to get better at basketball, I asked my dad’s friend if I can come to court to practice some shooting drills as soon as I will get my brand-new Spalding basketball in mail.

Wish me luck during my new goal for the new 2017 year!